Grumman Test Pilots

Taken at Calverton in 1974, this photo shows Grumman Aerospace company test pilots standing in front of Aircraft Number 7, also known at that time as the F-14B.

(Later this same aircraft became known as the Super Tomcat, evaluating the engines for the F-14D).

From left to right are: Jim Johnson, Pete Tummillo, Albert Beck, Chuck Sewell, Bob Smythe, Bill Bassett, Peter Beresford, John McDonnell, Bill Rasmussen, Bill Gordon, Paul Merana, Tom Gwynne, and Don Evans.

This begins a series of articles concerning the many pilots who flight tested Grumman’s line of aircraft from 1930 to 1994. There is no specific order to the personalities we will cover, however, we begin with Bob Smyth who performed first flight on the F-14A. We feel this is appropriate since the F-14 is the centerpiece of Grumman Memorial Park.