Locating the old site

Today the old Grumman site sits approximately opposite of Bellagio’s Brick Oven Pizza Restaurant, part of Airport Plaza.

This location map (1st photo) illustrates approximately where the site of the old Grumman factory was in relationship to the Republic Airport area of today. Route 110 is on the left, New Highway to the right. Conklin Street intersects both roads, with the LIRR running directly behind the site. Airport Plaza now sits directly across Conklin Street in front of the site. The American Airpower Museum is quite literally around the corner.

In this view looking east (2nd photo) we see the site as it appears today. Sometime after World War Two the building that once housed Grumman was demolished. The cube-like structure built at the end of the row of sheds was constructed on the northeast corner of the foundation slab of the old facility. The first two sheds were there when Grumman was, the others being added later. Most of the foundation is still there albeit covered with debris with grass growing through the cracks. That’s Conklin Street in the foreground.